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Lesson 6-05- In-House Graphic Designer

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An in-house graphic designer works directly for a company and handles all or most of the company's graphic design needs. An in-house graphic designer can be employed full or part-time.


After completing this lesson, you will be able to: 

Create a redesigned logo for Boot Barn



I worked as a graphic designer and marketing associate for Boot Barn. Visit this link for more about the company. I developed store signage that was placed in 27 Boot Barn locations, print ads that were placed in national magazines and other miscellaneous design jobs. I also performed various marketing duties assigned by the marketing manager. Here's a sample ad below:


Here's the current logo used by Boot Barn:




Send me an email to mrshubin@gmail.com from your registered gmail account with (GraphicDesign6_05FirstNameLastName) as the "Subject." Boot Barn recently hired you as their new graphic designer. One of your first major projects is to redesign their current logo that is displayed above. They want a fresh, hipper look that will still maintain their western theme. Feel free to incorporate colors, fonts, shapes, etc of your desire, but making sure to stay true to the western theme. Make sure this design is 100% original and does not contain elements from the internet (due to copyright concerns). Use a graphics program that you are comfortable to create the redesigned logo. Save your file to your desktop as a JPG and attach it to this email. Click on send. This assignment is worth 20 points.

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